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Metal-Era Recap

Metal-Era has recently rolled out new products and sales resources that we believe can be valuable to your business. In an effort to keep our contractors, architects and distribution partners updated on the latest information, we have dedicated this blog post to be a quick Metal-Era Recap. 



New Metal-Era Color Chart

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Brent Howard Joins Metal-Era

We are proud to welcome Brent Howard as Metal-Era's new Regional Technical Sales Representative for Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Brent's role includes technical assistance, training and project specific activities such as measurements, take-off's and on-site inspections. 

BRENT HOWARD // Phone: 262-955-5900 // Email: Brent.Howard@metalera.com



Eliminailer-T is Now Available in MasterSpec as an Approved Wood Nailer Alternative!



Metal-Era's alternative to wood nailers delivers exceptional protection for the roof perimeter.

Features & Benefits:

  • 215 MPH Lifetime Wind Warranty

  • Superior Roof Edge Securement

  • Reduced Risk of Roof System Failure

  • Continuous Insulation to the Roof Edge

  • Faster Install, Less Labor

  • Sustainable & Non-Combustible

Download Eliminailer-T Sell Sheet // Download Eliminailer-T Brochure

About Eliminailer-T

Eliminailer-T is an ideal alternative to wood blocking assemblies for metal roof retrofit applications. The choice is easy.

Eliminailer-T is fast and simple to install on metal retrofits and eliminates the need for individual wood blocking assemblies. No more time-consuming wood cutting, instead use Elimiailer-T. Get a secure, straight, and even edge that will provide lasting performance. Eliminailer-T comes pitched up to a 4/12 for a variety of metal roof installations. 

Flute-Fill Eliminailer-T

Flute-Fill Eliminailer-T

Eliminailer-T is a next generation nailer design, delivering exceptional roof edge protection. It is a heavy gauge aluminum extrusion made of more than 50% recycled materials, engineered to tight tolerances, and rigorously tested to replace up to two wood nailers with greater long-term benefits. Its patented design delivers a high performance nailer solution that won’t warp, crack, split or rot for decades to come, and protects the roof against winds to 215 MPH. When replacing wood nailers with Eliminailer-T, insulation can run directly to the roof edge, significantly improving structural and thermal performance. Eliminailer-T comes with pre-drilled, staggered holes to ensure fast and precise installation, every time.

To request more information on Eliminailer-T or samples of the product, contact Daniel Dodd.



New Product: TPO/PVC Skirted Drip Edge

One Drip Edge TPO Skirted

One Drip Edge TPO Skirted


One Drip Edge TPO or PVC Skirted with factory applied membrane flashing provides both time and labor savings. Our fast lead times, custom face sizes, and easy installation translate directly into decreased labor costs and enable you and your team to move on to other projects more quickly. Factory-applied membrane flashing saves time – product is delivered with membrane flashing attached/heat welded to drip edge.

For more information about this product, contact Daniel Dodd.

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