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Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to the CSL Materials blog!  This is the first edition and the timing for release of each post is still unknown. The purpose of this first post is to give you a glance of what’s new with our latest website and give you a feel for what’s to come with CSL.

First, what is new about our website? Let’s start with the aesthetics! The website has a much fresher, cleaner and sharper look than our first version. Kudos to Hailey, Susan and the team for their work on getting our website where it is today.  Great job!

Other important notes on our new website:


Second, our blog will cover new products, systems, innovations and any other industry news that we think is important to share. The topics will vary but we will do our best to provide color commentary on the latest news within the industry.

Finally, CSL is considering launching a podcast to interview industry experts to discuss their careers and explore their thoughts on the state-of-business. We hope it will help our listeners learn more about our industry leaders and have some fun at the same time! Please comment below if you would be interested in tuning in! 

It is an exciting time for all of our manufacturing partners. There are many great things that have already come out of 2019, and even more in the pipeline that we can’t discuss yet. Please be sure to check back soon to get more information on labor-saving products and systems, as well as ways to install your jobs better, faster and with more profit.

Thanks for reading, and I greatly appreciate your support of CSL Materials.

- Chad Lesher, President

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