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CSL Materials was established in 2011 as the exclusive Carlisle SynTec Representative in North Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.  After much success in those markets, CSL Materials expanded operations and created CSL West as the exclusive Carlisle SynTec  Representative in Colorado in 2014.

CSL has continually expanded our offerings and partnered with additional premier construction manufacturers to increase our ability to impact customers.  Additionally, we have increased personnel in all four states. The result: over 300% growth, exponentially increased market share and strong partnerships with our distributors and contractors.

Mission Statement

The CSL mission is to establish value to our customers by offering unrivaled service, comprehensive industry and product knowledge and continual customer support while educating our respective markets about the innovative products of our manufacturing partners. 

Why CSL Materials?

As an independent representative of numerous construction products in multiple states, it is imperative that we operate as the experts on each of our manufacturers and their product offerings. Our comprehensive knowledge of products, systems and services allows us to properly convey their assets to each market in an efficient and precise manner.

Many companies in the construction industry are consumed with pricing and solely scrutinize material costs when making their decisions. While CSL will always work diligently to ensure pricing is competitive, we recognize there is more to a product or service than the unit cost. Currently the construction industry is facing a significant quality labor shortage and finding ways that companies can complete jobs faster and better can be a tremendous help. Our method of collaborating with customers and prospective customers to discern the specific needs of their business allows us to pinpoint the products and services that best enhance their operations. 

Most importantly, we offer products that cover the entire building envelope. This offering makes CSL a true asset to architects and consultants as we can be a “one stop shop” for these specifiers. Additionally, CSL’s ability to interface with architects and consultants on an entire building (roofing, waterproofing, metal edge, and underlayments) benefits the contractor. We will work to ensure a cohesive experience with the coordination of projects, facilitate intercommunication and provide valuable information and insight to ensure a smooth and successful project for all involved.

With over 75 years of combined industry experience and expertly trained employees, CSL is the premium construction materials partner. We have hundreds of solutions to meet any challenge and the professional acumen to provide significant benefit to our customers.   


Our Team



Chad Lesher

Chad has over 20 years of experience in the commercial roofing industry that stems from his long history working for Carlisle SynTec.  Starting as a Technical Specialist for Carlisle at their corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania, Chad held many positions ranging from Strategic Accounts, Technical Manager and Regional Manager.  As Carlisle was looking to make a strategic move in North Texas and Oklahoma by going to an independent rep and dual distribution model, CSL Materials was created a short time later.



Managing Partner - CSL West

Brandon Dawson

Brandon Dawson has been in the commercial roofing business since 2007. He began his career in the Business Development field selling spray polyurethane foam, elastomeric coatings, waterproofing products and Carlisle single ply. In 2009, Brandon joined with Chad Lesher as the Carlisle Sales Representative for North Texas and Oklahoma. In early 2014, when the Colorado and Wyoming territory opened up, Brandon jumped at the opportunity to move to beautiful Colorado and continue selling the Carlisle product line. 



Director of Sales and Business Development

Chad Morgan

Chad Morgan started with CSL in 2014.  Chad has worked in the construction industry for 16 years.  For the past 13 years Chad worked with Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing in Dallas Texas.  Chad held many positions from waterproofing project coordinator, roofing project coordinator, roofing operations, roofing sales, and roofing sales manager.  Chad covers the North Texas region for CSL Materials.



Inside Sales and Marketing Manager

Susan Deaton

Susan Deaton joined CSL in 2014.  Susan brings to the CSL Team over 18 years experience in the single ply roofing industry. Susan can assist with submittals, substitution requests, online resources, obtaining documents from the website, creating collections, LEED letters, samples and literature as well as assistance with TREX and the warranty process. If you can't get ahold of your local sales representative, give Susan a call.



Inside Sales and Marketing Specialist

Hailey Laughlin

Hailey joined CSL in 2018. Hailey is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University and is a native to the San Francisco Bay Area. While assisting the Inside Sales team, Hailey brings her combined 6 years of experience in Marketing, Event Management and Web Design to enrich CSL’s marketing and social media outreach.



Territory Sales Manager - Oklahoma

Daniel Stockton

Daniel Stockton joined CSL in 2016. Daniel is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond and a native of Tulsa, OK.  His responsibility is to manage our sales network of distributors, applicators, architects, consultants, etc. in the Oklahoma territory.  Daniel brings a background as an Outside Sales Manager and Technical Sales Representative in the Aerospace & Defense industry.  



Territory Sales Manager - Arkansas

Luke Christian

Luke Christian joined CSL Materials in 2017. Luke is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond, OK and a native of southwest Missouri. Luke comes to CSL with a 12 year background in the oil and gas industry as an Account Executive and Distribution Branch Manager. Luke’s responsibility is to manage our sales network of distributors, applicators, architects, consultants, etc. in the Arkansas territory.



Waterproofing Sales Manager

Bryan Stamp

Bryan Stamp joined CSL Materials in 2017.  Bryan is a graduate of the University of North Texas and recently worked as a Territory Sales Manager in the dehumidification equipment industry.  His responsibilities in that role were estimating and project management. Bryan will manage our sales network of Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing Distributors and Applicators along with architects, consultants, etc. in North Texas and Oklahoma.



PVC Sales Specialist / Territory Sales Representative - North Texas

Austin Krusec

Austin Krusec joined CSL Materials in 2017. Austin is a graduate of Michigan State University. Prior to coming to CSL Materials, Austin worked for Carlisle SynTec in Chicago, Illinois starting as a Field Service Representative, conducting inspections, job-site visits, and training, and then worked as a PVC Specialist, where he worked assisted the specification community. Austin’s role is working with contractors and distributors to promote all product lines for CSL Materials.



Specialty Products Manager

Daniel Dodd

Daniel Dodd joined CSL Materials in 2017. A graduate from Texas A&M University, Daniel brings over 10 years of experience in the construction industry. After beginning his career as an estimator for a general contractor, he moved to the commercial roofing and waterproofing industry. Daniel’s primary focus is to promote Carlisle Dens Deck, Metal Era Edge Systems, AL13, and Edge Adhesives.



Territory Sales Representative -

Chase Pulliam

Chase Pulliam, Oklahoma Territory Sales Representative, joined CSL Materials in 2019. Chase is a graduate of The University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond and a native of Hammond, Louisiana. His responsibilities include promoting the speciality product lines for CSL Materials with contractors, architects, consultants and distributors in Oklahoma. Chase brings a background of Business Development from the Oil & Gas industry, throughout Oklahoma, Texas & New Mexico. 



PVC Sales Specialist / Territory Sales Representative - CSL West

Jack Dailey

Jack Dailey joined the CSL West team in 2019. Jack graduated from the University of Alabama and moved to Colorado in January. He has a split role as PVC Sales Specialist and Territory Sales Representative. Jack’s knowledge of commercial roofing is evolving rapidly and he is already making an impact supporting both the team and customers.



Territory Sales Representative -
CSL West

Luke Schaecher

Luke Shaecher joined CSL West as a Territory Sales Representative in 2019. Luke is an 11-year Sales and Account Management Specialist, who resides in Castle Rock, CO with his wife and two children and is starting his career in commercial roofing.